Catholic Schools – Radiating hope for the future

Hope for the future

Catholic schools are called to be establishments of hope and to be responsive to the emerging socio-economic, political, religious and cultural structures that face them. By being a force for good in a world that does not always respect the vision of the Gospel, the Catholic school can “enrich the faith of the Christian community and contribute to the promotion of excellence in the nation.” (Pope John Paul II, 2004 ad limina visit NZ Bishops.)

Catholic schools proclaim the virtue of hope, which is fundamental to the future of our society. We are, in the words of Pope John Paul II, called upon “to be people who live with gratitude for the past, enthusiasm for the present and hope for the future.” (Novo Millenio Ineunte, No. 1, 2000)

Message from Bishop Patrick Dunn, Bishop of Auckland

Work With Me

The Catholic Schools Office (CSO) supports the work of school principals and staff, parents and parish priests in providing quality Catholic education to students from Early Childhood to Year 13 living in the Diocese of Auckland.This web site provides information on the primary and secondary Catholic schools in our Diocese, and the services of the Catholic Schools Office. You will find relevant and updated information on the Catholic Schools Office, the Education Services provided by CSO, Property and Finance issues, News and Events including ‘Nga Korero O Te Wa’, our newsletter, Frequently Asked Questions and Resources. I invite you to use the site as an interactive resource and as a communication tool between CSO and the wider education community.

Our Catholic schools distinguish themselves when our students develop a Christ-centred faith relationship, when pastoral care reflects the sacredness of each individual, when individuals are encouraged to know, love and respect themselves as children of God and when a culture of excellence is fastened in the heart of the Gospel.

With Catholic education at the very heart of the Church’s mission, we strive to continue to work with parents and teachers in forming men and women who will take their place as leaders in the Church and society of Aotearoa-New Zealand.

+Patrick Dunn

Bishop of Auckland

Latest News

A reminder Board of Trustee elections are scheduled . Is the vision for your school
clearly articulated so that new trustees will have a really good understanding and
appreciation of the special nature of your school and be able to work positively to
further enhance and strengthen the already good work being done?

I recognise that this is a challenge for our schools when so many of the
young people in our schools and their families do not have an ongoing
involvement with the Catholic Church. The way in which you exercise your
responsibilities (e.g. when setting vision, goals, policies, over viewing and
reviewing procedures and practice)

A big thanks to Marko Barber , his Auckland movers team helped us deliver a number of items for the church and we are truly grateful for your help.

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