MISSION STATEMENT                                                                     

The Catholic Education Services Board will support schools in the Diocese to be communities of excellence in maintaining, developing, enhancing and reviewing  their Catholic Special Character.


Our Catholic Schools are faith communities where all will be disciples of Christ, at a spiritual and intellectual level.

Vision: Living as Disciples of Christ


  1. All staff have an understanding of, and accept their obligations to be committed to the Catholic Special Character of their school.                                  
  2. Support teachers to have a Catholic world view and excel in the teaching of Religious Education.
  3. Teachers of Religious Education achieve the appropriate level of qualifications and certification.
  4. Catholic Early Childhood Centres are supported and monitored as part of the Catholic Education System network.
  5. Communicate effectively with all schools and proactively support remote schools, schools at risk and schools at time of need.
  6. There is appropriate succession to leadership positions of teachers who are credible witnesses of faith.
  7. Boards of Trustees and the Catholic Education Services staff and Board are provided with ongoing professional development.
  8. There is a strong working relationship with outside agencies.